Why choose our services?

We give you a personal service and whilst taking care of your immigration needs. We provide information about immigration laws, policies and prodecudres.We answer written and phone queries. We read, check annd decide on applications for residency or entry into Australia. We interview applicants and explain decisions to them. We issue the permits and visas and assist with enforcing immigration laws. We also advise on immigration policies and operations. Finally we have excellent success rates and expert experience.  





Make sure the person is a registered migration agent. This protects you. Any person who is to give immigration assistance in Australia is a serious offence and can result in up to ten years imprisonment.

Choose an agent who has up to date knowledge of Australia’s immigration law and procedures. The Migration agent must also be bound to act in your legitimate interests and give you accurate advice through a Code of Conduct. The registered Migration agent must manage your money in a separate account until services are provided, and have their accounts audited from time to time. A registered Migration agent must keep proper records for seven years. A registered Migration agent is authorized to represent you and must tell you about your visa outcome in a timely manner.




We have a close relationship with Somerville Laundry Lomax Solicitors.

Please contact Somerville Laundry Lomax directly for legal services outside of immigration law.


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Crawford Migration adhere to The Migration Agents Code of Conduct.