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Types of visas that come under family visas can also be called partner visas, parent visas, child visas, and other family visas. The types of visas will depend on you and the services of a registered migration agent will be invaluable.

If you have met an Australian and started an ongoing relationship, it could be worthwhile to contract the services of our migration agent. Services of a migration agent can really help you with types of visas for partner and parent visas.

Types of Gold Coast family visas our services as a migration agent can help you with are the services for the types of Partner including de facto which includes same sex relationships.

Even if you are not married yet, the services of a migration agent can help you with the types of visas for a partner, marriage, a dependent child, type of visa, an adoption type of visa, a parent and aged parent type of visa, a contributory type of visa, an aged dependent relative, remaining relative, or carer type of visa.

Family visas are many types of visas and the services of a migration agent will see your success.



The Gold Coast is a spectacular part of Australia and visas are available for the right people; work visas, business visas, employment visas, or skilled visas. If you have a good education background with relevant qualifications and experience as well as reasonable to fair English language skills, you will be in a promising position to choose from the types of work visas. You could choose from many types of visas on the Gold Coast or other areas of Australia particularly if you are highly skilled. Some of the types of visas can lead to permanent entry to Australia. The types of Gold Coast visas we would look for you are where Gold Coast or Australian employers are unable to find a suitable local candidate to fill a vacancy. 

For types of work visas you may be able to apply for a visa using the services of a migration agent in Australia. Whether you are inside Australia, or outside Australia, we recommend you plan well in advance and consult the services of a registered Australian migration agent.


business visas

Business innovation, business investment and business owner visas are a types of visas available on the Gold Coast and other areas of Australia. This type of visa is a visa that the Australian government hopes will generate employment in Australia as well as increase export of goods and services, improve technology, be competitive, improve commerce, link with the International business market and bring business migrants to the Gold Coast and other parts of Australia.

If you have a proven track record in a successful business the services of a registered Australian migration agent will help you choose the type of Gold Coast visas, and type of Australian visas.

A business innovation and business owner requires a certain level of business and personal assets, annual turnover and some experience in owning a business. if you ask us we may be able to organize for you to talk with a financial business investment lender to raise the finances required if you can't make the full amount.These visas require us to lodge an expression of interest as the first step with the state or territory of your business.

A business owner visa requires you to already have a visa in Australia and you have a business with an annual turnover and some personal and business assets. You also need to have employed to Australian citizens for 2 years.




Various types of visas enable you to visit Australia. The types of visas Gold Coast Migration and Australian migration registered agents can give services for are; medical treatment visas, travelers visas, transit visas, special purpose visas, emergency visas, protection visas, maritime crew visas and superyacht crew visas.

Types of visas and Gold Coast services also assist with services of a Migration Agent with preparation, lodgment and follow up of processing for a special type of visas for Gold Coast and Australia. This type of visa are called Distinguished Talent visas. All of these types of visas for Gold Coast and Australia are services that require adequate time to prepare, lodge and follow up.




Student visas

A student visa is a visa which allows you to be a temporary entrant to Australia. This means you must demonstrate you intend to depart Australia on completion of your study. Australian education is world-class, so it is justifiable that you would want to come to Australia to develop your education. Ask us about organising your study in Australia. We have contracts with many schools, colleges and universities in Australia. We can organize a course for you that suits you perfectly and could see you move into a new career and a fantastic job. We are happy to offer this service for you.

A student visa is granted after you receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your education providor. Your education providor must be CRICOS registered in Australia. You may be granted a student visa for the period of your study in Australia. In addition, you may work up to 20 hours per week during study terms and 40 hours per week during study holidays. You need health insurance and have sufficeint funds to receive a student visa. Plan 4 to 6 months in advance as some courses book out quickly and you need the visa processed in time. 




Gold Coast migration agent services deals with types of visas that keep you legitimate in Australia while your current types of visas are being lodged and processed. These types of visas are called Bridging visas.

Whilst your visa is being processed you may be eligible to enjoy the benefits of the certain types of visas whilst you wait for the application for those types of visas to be processed. Note there may be certain limitations under certain circumstances.

Gold Coast migration services can advise explain and lodge these types of visas on your behalf for Gold Coast or Australia.














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