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partner visas

Our Gold Coast Immigration Lawyers specialized in Partner visas both temporary and permanent offshore or onshore. We have an excellent success rate. Generally when you have been in a relationship for at least 3 to 6 months is the time to contact our immigration lawyer. Partner visas lead to permanent residency and Australian Citizenship.

Conversely, if you have already applied for a partner visa and you have had a refusal or your relationship has unfortunately, broken down and there is evidence of family violence and / or a biological child in your relationship, we have excellent rates of success in these circumstances also for you to still receive your permanent residency and Australian Citizenship.

Child Visas

We assist with child visas and dependent child visas both onshore and offshore. This visa leads to Permanent Residency and Australian Citizenship.

Parent visas

We help with Parent visas both temporary and permanent off shore and onshore of Australia. If you have a child in Australia who can sponsor you, we help with a Contributory Parent visa or an Aged Parent visa. We also deal with a temporary Parent visa that allows your parents to stay in Australia for up to 10 years even if you have three or more children and only one child lives in Australia. A permanent Parent visa allows an application for Australian Citizenship.










Training and Temporary Graduate Visas


We have an excellent success in student graduate visas for students who are qualifying from University from courses such as Pharmacy, Engineering and other courses, who want to move straight from their course graduation into a job. The student graduate visa sees you work for 2 years and is renewable up to 4 years. The Gold Coast is a regional area of Australia, this is a great opportunity for you to live and work in one of the best areas of Australia. 




The services of our migration agent / lawyer offer a full-service service for skilled migration.


Employer Nomination Scheme visas


If you are a businesses or company, who want to sponsor workers we have a full-service. We have successfully granted  sponsorship certificates and nomination of workers for various businesses and companies. Some of these visas are temporary and some have direct permanent residency.  


Working Holiday visas


If you are still young under 31 (or 35 for Ireland, Canada and France) and want to travel and work in Australia for 12 months, we can help you apply for a working holiday visa. If you really like Australia, our migration agent can organize for you to apply for a second or even a third working holiday visa.


business visas



Business Innovation and Investment visas is a type of visa available on the Gold Coast and other areas of Australia. This type of visa is a visa that the Australian Government hopes will generate employment in Australia as well as increase export of goods and services, improve technology, be competitive, improve commerce, link with the International business market and bring business migrants to the Gold Coast and other parts of Australia.

If you have a proven track record in a successful business the services of a registered Australian migration agent will help you choose the type of Gold Coast visas, and type of Australian visas.











Various types of visas enable you to visit Australia. The types of visas Gold Coast Migration and Australian registered migration agents can give services for are; family visitor visas, tourist visas, medical treatment visas, travellers visas, transit visas, special purpose visas, emergency visas, protection visas, maritime crew visas and superyacht crew visas.


Student and student guardian visas




A student visa permits you or your child to study and work part-time up to 20 hours per week whilst school, university or college is in progress and full-time or 40 hours or more per week during college holiday periods.

Generally our migration agents recommend that you apply around 4 months prior to your course starting or even up to 12 months for certain courses.

A student visa can be granted for a total of up to 5 years and a student visa is good for points visas and regional work in the Gold Coast if you study full-time in Gold Coast area.











Gold Coast migration agent services deals with types of visas that keep you legitimate in Australia while your current types of visas are being lodged and processed. These types of visas are called Bridging visas.

Whilst your visa is being processed you may be eligible to enjoy the benefits of the certain types of visas whilst you wait for the application for those types of visas to be processed. Note there may be certain limitations under certain circumstances.

Gold Coast migration agent services provides a swift full-service for these types of visas on your behalf for Gold Coast or Australia.

Bridging visas keep legitamicy while a type of visa is being lodged and processed in Australia.


other visas

We also assist with Investment visas and Resident Return visas. Generally, you are granted unlimited travel rights for the first term of your visa, but later on, after 5 years for example you will need to stay legal with a Resident Return visa if you want to travel. We help you calculate your travels so you will not jeopardize you ability to apply for your Australian Citizenship.


Australian Citizenships









We specialize in  Australian Citizenship applications and have a 100% success rate. It is an enormous privilage and we have seen the number of applications increase and surge by over 80% during 2018 - 2019. You can apply to become an Australian Citizen by Conferral if you are aan Australian Permanent resident or an elligible New Zealand Citizen. Australian Permanent residents aged 18-59, children aged 16 or 17, children under 15 years or younger applying with a parent or guardian. If you are a partner or spouse of an Australian Citizen. You will need to sit a Citizenship test.

If you are a person over 60 years old you may still apply, you can include a dependent child 15 years or under. You will not need to sit a Citizenship test.

You can become an Australian Citizen by descent if you were brn overseas and your parent was an Australian Citizen when you were born overseas.


appeals Cancellations or refusals


There are penalties if you are apprehended as being unlawful in Australia and unlawful persons, who are apprehended, are in danger of being placed in immigration detention and deported from Australia. They will also be excluded for a time from re-applying for another Australian visa.

We deal with administrative appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). In addition, we deal with Ministerial intervention submissions for difficult and complex cases.  









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