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Covid-19 response - all appointments will be conducted by telephone, Skype or Zoom. All initial appointments will be offered at a reduced rate of $220 (incl. GST). Subsequent appointments where a cost agreement is not in place are charged at $125 (incl. GST) per 15 minute block or part thereof. 

Are you thinking of a partner visa for Australia? If so, here is your chance. Crawford Migration is a modern and innovative business that specializes in partner visas and Australian migration law. We market and service customers for migration advice, consulting and visa processing specializing in partner visas. We offer our service locally, nationally, and internationally. Whether you are an in Australia now or outside of Australia, we would like to hear from you.


Visas we specialize in:


  • SC 820 Onshore Partner Visa Temporary
  • SC 801 Onshore Partner Visa Permanent
  • SC 300 Prospective Marriage Visa (for fiancés)
  • SC 309 Offshore Partner Visa Temporary
  • SC 100 Onshore Partner Visa Permanent
  • Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal


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When people want to visit, work and live in Australia, they must have a visa. Once you are within Australia, you may want to apply for a new visa. The important point is to plan. You would not want to miss out, if you realised there was not enough time to receive the visa you want.

We look at your visa options, give advice on a type of visa, and lodge your visa. We provide language assistance and help with editing.




Have you, or someone you know had their visa cancelled? This can happen, and if it does, the cost for you can be expensive, because of no refund policies for withdrawn or refused applications. Our ethical and pragmatic knowledge of legal processes enables us to make a persuasive application on your behalf.

Decisions that are related to merits review or visa-related decisions are reviewed at The Migration Review Tribunal and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.




A migration agent is qualified to help you with your visa application and deal with the Department of Home Affairs and other organisations for you.

The benefits of using a registered agent are; up to date knowledge, legitimate interest in your best interests, manage your money safely, fair cost, keep record of your visa application, and notify you of your visa outcome in a timely manner. We redefine our service into what our client wants and strive to understand what our client needs.




Crawford Migration (CM) is an Australian owned innovative, modern, and ethical business based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We provide a Gold Coast visa service for partner visas for Australia. Our concept is to market, sell and service local, nationa,l and international couples, partners, de facto partners and spouse partners for migration advice, consultancy, visa processing with The Department of Home Affairs. 


The benefit to customers is that our business is a registered Australian migration agency and operates in accordance with Australian law and Australian migration law and The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).




Our goal is to consistently achieve the best result for our clients. In order for us to achieve this, our objectives are to maintain up to date knowledge of changes in Australian migration law, as well as other issues such as translation and English language difficulties that may affect people with their visa processing for partner visas.




Our motivation is to satisfy the demand for visa applications for Australian visas. Australian migration family visas include partner visas and other family visas, and education, which we also assist with. Our driving force is to work closely with you to ensure, we are providing you with the service you want.


We travel overseas to meet our clients and have experience working with diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We enjoy helping people with their visa planning, preparation, lodgement, acceptance, and compliance of your visa while you are either within Australia or overseas.




Our aim is to connect with you and determine what you need and want. We help with the visa decision making process and offer advice as we work toward a visa plan, lodgement and processing, and a successful visa grant for you. We work with individuals as well as spouses, partners, de facto or same sex relationships. We have specialist knowledge in partner visas as well as family visas. Being based on the Gold Coast not far from beautiful Currumbin Beach, means we can help people with their visas in the Gold Coast near the Queensland and New South Wales border. We include Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed Heads, all of Gold Coast and Brisbane within our immediate service area.





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We have a close relationship with Somerville Laundry Lomax Solicitors.

Please contact Somerville Laundry Lomax directly for legal services outside of migration law.


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Crawford Migration adhere to The Migration Agents Code of Conduct.