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Have you ever thought to study, work or visit to Australia? Or are you already in Australia? If so, here is your chance to achieve what you want in Australia. We are a modern and innovative business based on the Gold Coast that specializes in Australian migration and education services. We market and service customers for migration advice, consulting and visa processing. We offer our visa service for all areas of Australia.



When people want to visit, work, study and live in Australia, they must have a visa. Once you are within Australia, you may want to apply for a new visa. The important point is to plan in advance. You would not want to miss out, if you realised there was not enough time to receive the visa you want. We look at your visa options, give advice on a type of visa, and lodge your visa. We provide language assistance and help with issues including education.

visa appeals and cancellations

Have you, or someone you know had their visa cancelled? This can happen, and if it does, the cost for you can be expensive, because of no refund policies for withdrawn or refused applications. Our knowledge of legal processes enables us to make a persuasive application on your behalf. Decisions that are related to merits review or visa-related decisions are reviewed at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

why use a migration agent?

A migration agent is qualified to help you with your visa application and deal with the Department of Home Affairs and other organisations for you. The benefits of using a registered agent are; up to date knowledge, legitimate interest in your best interests, manage your money safely, fair cost, keep record of your visa application, and notify you of your visa outcome in a timely manner.


our business

Crawford Migration (CM) is an Australian owned innovative, modern and ethical business based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We provide a Gold Coast visa service for work, visit, study and living in Australia. Our concept is to market for migration and education advice, consultancy, visa processing with the Department of Home Affairs, including study options and other issues.

The benefit to customers is that our business is a registered Australian migration agency and operates in accordance with Australian migration law and the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).


Our goal is to consistently achieve the best result for our clients both on the Gold Coast and Australia-wide. In order for us to achieve this, our objectives are to maintain up to date knowledge of changes in Australian migration law, study and education as well as other issues that may affect people with their education, study and visa processing for Australia.


Our motivation is to satisfy the demand for study and visa applications for Australian visas. Australian migration visas are of great number. Our driving force is to work closely with you to ensure, we are providing you with the service you want.

We have experience working with diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We enjoy helping people with their education, study, visa planning, preparation, lodgement, acceptance and compliance of your visa while you are in Australia.Our clients are currently work, study and live in various parts of Australia.


Our aim is to connect with people and give them peace of mind that they are in safe hands with us. Being based on the Gold Coast means we can help people with their visas and study in the Gold Coast area, as well as all areas Australia wide. Book an initial consultation with us today.


We welcome referrals and we are always keen to network with other businesses and like-minded people.

No matter what you are looking for you can be certain it is here in Australia. Younger people may visit or move to Australia with their family. Often a visit to Australia for the first time for young people is with a visitor visa or working holiday visa, or perhaps a student visa, where they study with a high school, improve their English, and learn about Australia. If you are a student, you can enrol in an Australian school and study iin Australia. Many students come to Australia to study English at an ELICOS school.

For those students who pass an English test, they often go onto university in Australia. They are able to work part-time while they study and bring their partner and children too whilst studying. After graduation, many students stay on in Australia to work. Currently there is a high demand in Australia for those who can obtain a visa and work for a business or company. The business sponsors visas for workers who commit to work for the business.

For work visas, there is currently high demand for skilled workers who are qualified to work in a number of professions. This offers exciting opportunities for International people who are qualified. Particularly if you already have a relevant qualification in your country and some work experience in that area, as well as English language ability. This would put you in an excellent position to receive a visa to live and work in Australia for you, your partner and your children.

If you are young and want to visit Australia, backpacking is popular with a Working Holiday visa, which also allows up to 6 months work with the one company. Young people enjoy travelling around Australia staying in youth hostels. They often travel by bus and stay in share accommodation. If they want to stay a second year, they can apply for a second year on the Working Holiday visa and do 3 months work in regional Australia.


Australia is the sixth largest continent by continent area and the largest island in the world. The natural beauty of this vast country, the diversity and multi-cultural lifestyle offers an abundance of rich opportunities for the astute traveller, worker or business person. Australia’s’ land is wide and vast from the outback plains to deep rainforests, crystal white beaches to the large, modern, liveable, coastal cities; Australia has it all.

Australia is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. The economy is number 12 in the world. Australia has the world’s fifth-highest per capita income. Australia ranks among the highest in international performance, quality of life, health, education, economic freedom and the protection of civil and political rights.

Older Australians 55 years and over often enjoy leaving their homes in the city and travelling around Australia in a 4WD and caravan. These people are referred to in the tourism world as “grey nomads.” This category of traveller are often cashed up and provide a large proportion of income for Australian tourism, as do the younger “back packers.”

Parents who have children in Australia may want to move to Australia permanently to live with their child or children and their family. This is possible and a decision to move from one country to Australia is obviously a decision of some magnitude. Parents with children in Australia can settle for ever in Australia and enjoy the benefits of living in Australia. If moving permanently to Australia to be with your children is not quite what you are comfortable with, a visit for the purpose of seeing your family is an option you will always have.

For business men and women there are enormous opportunities to bring your business to Australia. A visa for business would allow many benefits for you. Your partner and children can live in Australia with you. Such business people often have their children attend Australian schools.

Elite actors and actresses, musicians, dancers, and academics often visit Australia to work. A short stay is fine for them.

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