Welcome! Crawford Migration is located on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia and is a modern and innovative business that specializes in Australian immigration law as well as education and many types of visas. We market and service customers for immmigration advice, consulting and visa processing. We offer our services for families, friends and serious

employment sponsors and applicants. We seek to work for visas for people with like-minded values so we can match our obligations for you with your responsibilities to us. Our success rate is 100% across all visa categories. 





An appointment and consultation with us will be the commencement of our visa process that apply for a type of visa to suit your needs. For all immigration matters consult with us and we will make a plan your visa with you. We operate our services beginning with a visa consultation, so we can determine the visa you want.

When you call or email us to make an appointment with us, you can choose between a visa and immigration assessment, an additional job appraisal, or with an additional strategic consultation. With all of these, we consult with you, make a plan, and give immigration advice on a type of visa. Once we are set-up with you we move forward working toward a successful visa application.

Talk with us if you are planning to marry, enter in a defacto relationship or sponsor your family members.




An in-valid application or over staying a visa are reasons for a refusal or visa cancellation. If someone is being held in immigration detention, they are entitled to make a phone call to their immigration lawyer. An immigration visa can commonly be refused due to valid visa criteria not being met. If an application is made by a registered or unregistered migration agent with less than native English language skill, perhaps you might even be applying for the for the wrong type of visa. We believe it is a mistake when applicants try to do their visa without a registered migration agent,because of the high risk of a refusal. Would you put yourself and your family at risk of attempting to do an application? The cost can have personal and financial implications and your future visa applications may be effected.

Our legal and ethical processes enables us to lodge a high standard application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection standards on your behalf.





A registered migration agent is qualified to help you with immigration issues dealing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the DIBP case officers, who ulitmately make the decision about your immigration visa.We also communicate with other relevant organisations for you, saving you time and effort.

The benefits of using us as your registered migration agent and for your visa are that we are immigration visa experts. We choose the correct visa for you. We lodge a valid application and work with you on the visa as well as other relevant issues. We securely manage your visa fees and verify your visas' application documents. We are able to distinguish both simple and complicated problems and assist you every step you take throughout a visa application. We effectively communicate with you about your visa and its' progress all the way and strive for a positive visa outcome in a timely manner. 


Crawford Migration (CM) is an Australian owned innovative, modern and ethical business based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We provide a Gold Coast visa service for visas in Australia and Australia-wide. Our concept is to market, sell and services for migration advice, consultancy, visa processing at the standards of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). We also handle education agent duties and enrolments for studying visas. We process all types of visas. We have experience helping. 

Our business was established in 2014 and we have a more than excellent success rate of 100% across all visa categories. We will not take on a case unless we are certain of a successfull outcome. We are a registered Australian migration and education agency operating in accordance with Australian migration law and the Migration Agents' Registration Authority (MARA).We are registered members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA); Australia's premium authority on immigration and migration agents of Australia.



To sustain a growing business over the long term by assisting visa applicants and stakeholders with every visa application. We will keep in contact and assist you with your visa all the way. We always aim high for a positive visa outcome in a timely manner. 



We are passionate about life long visa applications and sustaining positive relationships.



Let us help decide the visa you need. We offer advice, a timely plan and visa knowledge. Our specialist visa experience puts you at ease enabling you to spend less time worrying about your visa and more time on other matters. Are you looking to change your career to Australia? Are you looking at studying in Australia? Are you in a de facto or thinking about a marriage relationship? Come on! Let's get started!



Australia is the sixth largest continent by continent area and the largest island in the world. The natural beauty of this vast country, the diversity and multi-cultural lifestyle offers an abundance of rich opportunities for the astute traveller, worker or business person.  Australia’s’ land is wide and vast from the outback plains to deep rainforests, crystal white beaches to the large, modern, liveable, coastal cities; Australia has it all.

Australia is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. The economy is number 12 in the world. Australia has the world’s fifth-highest per capita income. Australia ranks among the highest in international performance, quality of life, health, education, economic freedom and the protection of civil and political rights.




We would like to hear from you, if you fit into any of these categories:


1. You are an employer wanting to nominate and sponsor employees

2. You are an applicant ready to proceed with a visa application for any type of visa. 



Benefits for you are:

1. Expert advice

2. Friendly service

3. High ethical standards

4. Fixed fees for our services

5. Sound Support

6. Ongoing commitement.

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Crawford Migration adhere to The Migration Agents Code of Conduct.